AUDI VW-2 License Plate Module - Canbus

AUDI VW-2 License Plate Module - Canbus

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If you're looking to upgrade your vehicle with top of the range lighting modules that gives your vehicle a whole new look, this is the product for you. Utilising the latest LED technology, these intelligently designed and developed Audi modules are suitable for a wide range of audi vehicles, and act as a direct universal plug and play upgrade to your existing module fitting. Delivering superb crisp coloured white illumination in a Xenon 6000K look, these pair of modules give your license plate a whole new luxury appeal. Drive in style and purchase these low power consumption, ultra bright, long lasting and reliable number plate lights for your dramatic improvement.

These modules are canbus compatible and will prevent any OBC errors from being displayed, and will work on both canbus and non canbus vehicles.

These modules are compatible with the following vehicles;

  • A3/S3 04-08 / A3 Cabriolet 08-09
  • A4 /S4 B6(8E/8H) 01-05
  • A6 /C6 (4F) 05-08 / S6 05-08
  • A8 /S8 D3(4E) 03-07 / Q7 07-09
  • RS4 Carbriolet 06-08
  • RS6 Plus/Avant 08-09
  • RS4/Avant Quattro 06-08

Key Features:

  • Ultra Bright Crisp Light & Long Lasting
  • Cool Temperature Operating & Maintenance-Free
  • Durable, Reliable & Convenient
  • Quick & Easy Installation & Suitable For A Wide Range Of Vehicles
  • Xenon 6000K Effect & Luxury Appealing
  • Latest LED Technology Developed & Canbus Compatible
Lighting Specification
Kelvin / Colour Temp : 6000K
Colour: White
Product Information
Sold As : A Pair
LED / Chip type: LED
Product Use
Road Legality: Please Seek advice on National road regulations / Laws before the use of the product. * this clause applies to car use*
Compatible Cars
Make: Audi
Model: A3 04-08 / S3 04-08/ A3 Cabriolet 08-09 / A4 01-05 / S4 01-05 / A6 ) 05-08 / S6 / 05-08 A8 03-07 / Q7 07-09 / RS4 Carbriolet 06-08 / RS6 08-09 / RS4 06-08 / Avant quattro 06-08
Canbus Compatibility Canbus Compatible
Canbus Compatibility In the unforeseen circumstance that the vehicle CAN Bus will not accept this product you are entitled to a refund within 14 working days. While this product is designed to be CAN Bus compatible, not all products can work with specific electrical systems.
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