Zen Controller Kit

Zen Controller Kit

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The ZEN Kit enables you to take full control of your RGB ICELED products with its miniature sized infra-red remote controller and ECU box/Remote Eye.

The ZEN controller gives you a swift wireless interaction with your ICELED light sources and enables you to benefit from;

  • Scene Control
  • Audio - Light Activation
  • 4 Separate Controllable Zones
  • Static Colour Choosing
  • Sweeping Colours
  • Variable Speeds
  • 2.1 Million Colours (RGB Lighting Required)

Included in your purchase you will receive an ECU & Remote Eye which essentially acts as a 2-in-1 component that displays current mode and function operating.
The cable that is included with the Remote Eye measures approximately 4.2M and carries a jack plug on the end of it. This allows it to be connected to the ZEN ECU and positioned where the remote controller is in-sight, whilst essentially the ZEN ECU can be positioned out of sight.

Key Features of ZEN ECU:

  • 2.1 Million Colours Digital Effects
  • Automatic Cross Fading
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Automatic Switch-On + Delay
  • Capable of Controlling A Maximum of 15A of Lighting
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • 10 Different Modes + Strobe
  • Audio Reactive via its Internal Microphone or a Stereo Line-In Cable Device (Allows a spectuaclar display of effects in time with music)
  • Energy Saving Modes - Auto Dim + More

By purchasing this high quality product, developed with the latest Infra-Red technology, you will be free to maximise the performance of your ICELED products purchased from us in order to give your family, neighbours or any of your guests a spectacular display of illumination to remember.


Installation of this product to your ICELED products couldn't get any easier. With each of your RGB light sources, you will notice it contains a Red, Green and Blue wire. Simply connect each wire from your light source i.e. ICELED Flood Light to the correct slot on the ZEN ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

A maximum of 14 light sources can be installed in to the ZEN ECU and be fully controlled with its IR Remote included.

Note: Please use the correct PSU to power the ZEN Controller, and to function your linked ICELED products.
(Please refer to the table on each specific ICELED product page)

Should you require further assistance or guidance on the ZEN Controller + ECU, please Contact Us or alternatively refer to the official ZEN Guide.

Electrical Specification
Current Draw: 15A (Maximum)
Voltage: 8v - 18v
Product Information
Length of wire supplied: 4.2m
Approved Ratings: CE, RoHS
Sold As : Full Kit
Dimensions: 121mm x 124mm x 43mm
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