Remote Control Electronic Dimmer (3 Amps)

Remote Control Electronic Dimmer (3 Amps)

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If you are wishing to adjust the brightness of your LED/Lights, a dimmer is what you require. At Brite Light LEDs we are retailing this high quality, reliable and durable Electronic Dimmer w/ Remote. This specific dimmer runs on 3Amps at 12VDC.

The remote included uses radio signals, and therefore, is capable of being operated through walls and other solid objects with no limit on functionality. Our radio-frequency operated remote contains 2 push buttons for adjustment of the intensity of your lights' brightness. It also includes an On/Off switch which can be utilised to your desire. Should you switch off your electronic dimmer, the last set brightness will be remembered when you come to switch it back on.

Essentially, we are offering you a strong device, and as a result of this dimmer, you will be able to operate the brightness of up to 5M of LED tape. Should you already have purchased our stunning LED Plinth Lights or Mini LED Screw lights, this dimmer is fully compatible with those products we retail.

Installation of this product is as simple and quick as you can get, and will take no more than 15 minutes from a beginner, less for somebody more experienced in electrics. The dimmer operates with spring terminal connectors for power in and power out connections. Simply connect the light source to the 'Input' and connect the Power supply to the 'Output'.


Please note: We advise all users of the following as a safety precaution.

1. This product is for indoor use only as this is not IP67 Approved. (Non Waterproof/Weatherproof)

2. Please take extra care with this electronic dimmer as shorting the output wires may cause damage to the device.

3. Always observe correct polarity when connecting the power and the load.

Electrical Specification
Current Draw: 3A
Voltage Input : 12V DC
Watts : 36W
Lighting Specification
Colour: Red/Black
Product Information
Warranty: One Full Year
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