HB4 LED Bulb - Load Resistor / Decoder / Canceler - Plug & Play

HB4 LED Bulb - Load Resistor / Decoder / Canceler - Plug & Play

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If you are experiencing canbus related issues after installing your LED bulb, this suggests that there is insufficient current being drawn from the LED, alerting the vehicles electrical system that the bulb is blown or faulty, when in actual fact its proved that LED bulbs utilise a low current. By swiftly installing our HB4 canbus decoder, it will trick the vehicle in to thinking that the bulb is fully functional and will immediately stop the dashboard errors or fast repeated flashing.

Easily installed, our plug and play decoders fit between the bulb and the bulb power source for a safe, fast and convenient installation. Commonly used for headlights and fog lights, these decoders work without any further modifications and allows the LED bulb to work to its full potential.

Key Features:

  • Compatible With All H11 LED Bulbs
  • Consisting Of 50W 8ohm Resistors
  • Simple Plug & Play Installation
  • Suitable For All Non Canbus / Canbus LEDs
  • Superior Quality & 100% Brand New
Electrical Specification
Current Draw: 8Ohms
Voltage: 12V
Watts: 50W
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