H8 LED Bulb - Load Resistor / Decoder / Canceler - Plug & Play

H8 LED Bulb - Load Resistor / Decoder / Canceler - Plug & Play

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This product is commonly used to bypass the OBC (Onboard Computer System) errors. Some vehicles developed after 2003 were built with smarter and advanced electrical systems that detects blown bulbs and faulty lighting in and around the vehicle. Since an LED bulb contains no filament, the vehicle thinks the bulb is blown, when in actual fact its not, resulting in the error on the dashboard. By utilising the decoder in combination with the non canbus bulb, you will no longer experience the errors.

Key Features:

  • Compatible With All H8 LED Bulbs
  • Consisting Of 50W 8ohm Resistors
  • Simple Plug & Play Installation
  • Suitable For All Non Canbus / Canbus LEDs
  • Superior Quality & 100% Brand New
Electrical Specification
Current Draw: 8Ohms
Voltage: 12V
Watts: 50W
Product Information
Sold As : Per Product
Product Use
Road Legality: Please Seek advice on National road regulations / Laws before the use of the product. * this clause applies to car use*
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