12V DC 2.1mm Male Power Jack Connector

12V DC 2.1mm Male Power Jack Connector

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Offering a simple and professional appearance, these 2.1mm male DC jack plug connectors offers a combination of both a simplified method of custom power cabling for LED strip lighting, along with a secure and hazard-free connection. Featuring a 2.1mm socket with screw terminals on the opposite end, connecting LED strip wires and accessories to this to then connect to your plug couldn't be easier.

Key Features:

  • No Splicing & Use Of Electrical Tape
  • No Crimping & Hazard-Free
  • Simple, Safe & Secure Wiring Accessory
  • Gives An Installation A Professional & Admirable Look
  • Provides An Efficient Method Of LED Strip Installation
  • Fast Way Of Adding LED Strip Accessories
  • Reliable, Durable & Convenient
  • Measures 5.5mm External Dimensions
  • Measures 2.1mm Socket Dimensions
Product Information
Sold As : Per Product
Warranty: One Full Year
Dimensions: 5.5mm Socket: 2.1mm
Product Use
Road Legality: Please Seek advice on National road regulations / Laws before the use of the product. * this clause applies to car use*
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