35w Pro Canbus H1 Single Beam Slim HID Conversion Kit 8000K

35w Pro Canbus H1 Single Beam Slim HID Conversion Kit 8000K

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Have you ever wished for a much brighter, and whiter light to enable you to see further, yet pretty much everything out there is out of your price range? Look no further, you are totally in luck, because here at Brite Light LEDs we are retailing a brand new genuine 35W Xenon HID Slim Ballast Kit at a spectacular price of just £52.65. Here at Brite Light LED's we only stock genuinely High Quality products, unlike alternative websites offering inferior products.


Your HID kit will include:-

  • 2 Digital and Shock Proof Ballasts
  • 2 HID Bulbs - 8000K  -  (6000K is also available to purchase) 
  • 2 Ballast Mounting Brackets & Screws
  • Wiring Harness
  • User Manual
  • One year full warranty


All of our HID Kits carry the following Marks:-

  •  E24
  •  ISO9001:2000


The HID Kits we offer are entirely Plug and Plug (PnP), therefore no hassles and simple to install. The approximate time for installation is 30 minutes. However, if you feel you do not have adequate knowledge of installing this kit, we do advise to seek a trained bulb installer to prevent any damages that may occur from incorrect fitting, but to also give yourself the perfect set up to get the full potential out of this item.

The Xenon HID bulbs fit directly in to your existing headlight assembly, providing you are purchasing the correct bulb type of HID. Please ensure you are purchasing the correct bulb type to guarantee your satisfaction. 
(Additional Bulb Brackets are required for twist in bulb holders)

HID vs Halogen:-

  • Xenon HID Bulbs are 300x Brighter than Halogen
  • Xenon HID Bulbs last 10x Longer than Halogen
  • Xenon HID Bulbs produce brighter, whiter and safer light beams
  • Xenon HID Bulbs require less power to operate - 35w in comparison to a 55w Halogen
  • Xenon HID Bulbs burn slower and cooler than Halogen with the same wattage


**Please NOTE: You are purchasing a PRO CANBUS Kit. Please check to see whether you require a Pro Canbus or a Non-Canbus version of kit before you purchase. - It is your responsibility to make sure the kit is suitable for your vehicle**

Bulb Base
Bulb Base: H1
Cross Reference: H1 / 448
Electrical Specification
Voltage Input : 12V DC
Watts : 35W
Lighting Specification
Kelvin / Colour Temp : 8000K
Product Information
Sold As : Upgrade Conversion Kit
Product Use
Road Legality: Please Seek advice on National road regulations / Laws before the use of the product. * this clause applies to car use*
Auto Headlights: Please note that this product may not be compatible with Auto switching Headlights.
Canbus Compatibility Canbus Pro
Canbus Compatibility In the unforeseen circumstance that the vehicle CAN Bus will not accept this product you are entitled to a refund within 14 working days. While this product is designed to be CAN Bus compatible, not all products can work with specific electrical systems.
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