5M 300 LED Strip/Roll/Ribbon SMD 3528 - Green

5M 300 LED Strip/Roll/Ribbon SMD 3528 - Green

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If you are a car enthusiast and wish to style your personal vehicle at car shows, you may be determined to use these in the interior as well as the exterior of your vehicle to enhance your looks - these LED strips offer you that choice!

By using this product, you will receive a range of different benefits;

  • Within the 5M Green 300-LED Strip, it consists of a very flexible ribbon, allowing you to curve the strip around bends
  • The Green LED strip is entirely weatherproof, and can therefore be used anywhere without the fear of the item being damaged
  • This product is extremely compact as it's very thin, and can therefore be placed and positioned anywhere you can think of
  • In contrast to other LED Strips, our 5M Green LED Strip is extremely quick and easy to install, and includes a double sided adhesive tape for secure and easy application
  • In a sequence of every 3 LEDs, this product allows you to cut to your own custom size
  • This product has been developed and manufactured with the latest LED technology, ensuring long lasting, great reliability, high intensity, bright green illumination from the 3528 SMD LEDs with the protection to prevent overheating - this product runs at a low temperature and is heat resistant
  • The LEDs use a beam pattern of 120º degrees offering you bigger and greater illumination on the surface area
  • The 3528 SMD LEDs are extremely energy efficient and require very little power, making them eco-friendly, and the intensity of brightness still remains as if they were using a significant amount of power to run!
Electrical Specification
Voltage Input : 12V
Watts : 4.8W
Lighting Specification
Beam Angle: 120º
Colour: Green
Product Information
Length of wire supplied: 5 metre
Approved Ratings: IP65 - Waterproof
Sold As : Per Product
LED / Chip type: 3528 SMD
Product Use
Road Legality: Please Seek advice on National road regulations / Laws before the use of the product. * this clause applies to car use*
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