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Rules (to be abided by all members of this forum, including staff)

Always remember that you are bound to these rules and the terms & conditions you accepted upon registering.
  • Never post any illegal or offensive material (anything containing or promoting pornography, violence, drug-use ect.)
  • Swearing is allowed on the forum but don't take it too far
  • Never be racist, sexist or discriminatory
  • Do not flame, troll or abuse any members on our forums
  • Do not argue with any members on our forums, unless participating in a debate
  • Never impersonate any members or staff.
  • Never post any spam, scams or pyramid schemes (free iPads, laptops, TVs)
  • Never post any copyrighted material or copy anything off this website which has copyright protection without permission from the relevant author(s). Comments & forum messages are owned by the poster
  • Always report members or staff if you feel they have broken the rules to either the Admin, moderator or use our dedicated reporting system
These rules must be obeyed by all members including staff. If you don't follow the rules and the terms of service above there are consequences put in place varying in the severity depending on which rule(s) you break, how you broke them and if you have broken rules before. Serious rule breaking may result in a indefinite ban and legal proceedings. Copyright rule breaking may also result in legal proceedings from us or the relevant author(s).


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