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Anyone know of a solution?
« on: 6 August 2018, 15:50:08 »

I'm new to lighting and DMX and have built a small rig using LED strips which I hope to control in Ableton.
I'm having trouble getting the DMXIS plugin to get a response from the lights. My setup consists of a 512 DMX decoder powered by a 60 watt transformer, with my RGB LED's connected into the first output and then a 3 pin DMX cable in the input running to the output of my DMXIS. I don't have a DMX terminator on the output of my decoder, not sure if it will solve the problem as some people say it isn't necessary.
I have tried all 511 faders on the DMXIS plugin but no response from my lights.

Anyone know of a solution?
Please help.

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Thank you.


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