Evo56 Next Gen. Solar Powered Security Light

Evo56 Next Gen. Solar Powered Security Light

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We believe that the Evo solar security lighting units are better value for money in contrast to the inferior products out on the market, especially our Evo56 Solar Security Light.

The only similarity to the others is that like all solar lights, the Evo56 Next Gen. solar security light can be positioned and fixed anywhere outside giving you the freedom and choice to illuminate any particular area, without the requirement of paying a professional electrician to install one for you which can often be very costly.

The difference however with our Evo56 Next Gen is that essentially the product lives up to its name - it simply is Next Generation lighting, and it is the start of a new era for you!


Our Evo56 Solar Security Light is; More reliable than any other solar powered light out there as they operate all year around, and not just in the summer at peak performance due to light, higher quality manufacturing, the brightness is more intense, fully upgradable, more portable and compact, quick and easy to install and ultimately better value for your money. Please don’t hesitate to upgrade with our additional accessories such as a 3M Extension Cable, and also an additional 2W of Power for people who lack sunlight with our Evo Booster Solar Panel.

This fantastic security light offers endless features for you to interact with as well as admire.


The key features that you will definitely need to know are that;


  • This product has an integrated motion detector to illuminate you and your surroundings. This can be adjusted to your desire where you want the light to switch off after X amount of time with no motion detection.
  • This product is fully adjustable as well as its sensitivity, the brightness and also the sensor position.
  • This product uses a high quality, long lasting, super powerful 3000mAh battery to illuminate the 56 super bright, high powered LED Bulbs.
  • This product offers a very powerful 1.5W solar panel to charge your battery in order to get every ounce of performance out of your solar security light.
  • This product includes its very own slick, simple and easy to use Power Switch to enable you to turn On/Off to your desire.
  • This product gives you the ability to fix your solar panel up to 5M away from the actual security light, so if you prefer to have the panel on your roof hidden and out of the way, no need to hesitate.
Electrical Specification
Voltage Input : 3.6V DC
Watts : 2W
This Product Contains
Contains: solar panel / LED solar PIR light / instruction manual / 6 wall plugs and screws
Product Information
Battery Capacity: 3500 mAh
Length of wire supplied: 5 metre
Material Manufactured from: Metal Light Head / Glass Lens / Plastic PIR
Approved Ratings: IP44 - water resistant
Warranty: 1 Year - manufacture
Operated by: solar power / battery
Replaceable Battery: yes
Dimensions: 200mm x 140mm
PIR Range (Motion Detection): 2 - 12 metres range
Max. Running Time: 4 Hours
Product Use
Road Legality: Please Seek advice on National road regulations / Laws before the use of the product. * this clause applies to car use*
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