High Power LED Bay Light

High Power LED Bay Light

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If you are a commercial business, retail enthusiast or simply require great lumen sources for your personal work areas, the LED High Bay Light is just the product for you. We are able to provide these products to you in a range of wattages thus, stronger lighting, but ultimately we are proud to be retailing our High Power LED Highbay lighting unit which has been designed and developed to use the latest in LED technology. This product offers superb energy efficiency in combination with a wide spread astonishing luminosity output that allows a direct and effective replacement of an old-school, inefficient, complex standard halogen luminary. The LED High Bay unit also provides a precise distribution of light ensuring minimal waste of light and far less energy consumption, allowing you to have fewer of these units as the beam angle is significant. 

One of the benefits of using this product regardless of your desired wattage, is that this can be operated at a range of environmental temperatures, which range from very cool temperatures to warm temperatures. This makes an ideal product for cold store rooms, supermarkets, and food production such as restuarant kitchens. There is a broad spectrum of product uses where this item is feasible, and it ranges from restuarant dining, to warehouses, to stables, to factories and manufacturing, public car parks, gyms, stadiums, exhibition centres, petrol stations and so much more! In addition, these are extremely suitable for all of the above as this product contains no mercury or other harmful chemicals making it suitable for food environments. Here at Brite Light LEDs we strive to deliver customer satisfaction by only retailing the highest quality, durable and reliable products, and these are the aspects of the LED High Bay. Because these products are LED, they contain no fragile filaments or tubes and are therefore shock resistant and high vibration resistant. The High Bay is generally resistant to colder temperatures and shock, unlike inferior products and relative to HID and fluorescent lighting. The High Bay LED unit consists of a intelligently designed and high quality heat sink, allowing superb heat dissipation performance.

All of our LED products have much longer operating times in contrast to standard halogen lamps, and it's proven to be very costly for commercial businesses to frequently replace their halogen lighting sources. By utilising the latest LED technology, relamping becomes a rare event, allowing reduction in maintenance costs above and beyond 60% - therefore this product is entirely suitable for customers requiring a substantial number of lighting units. We are proud to be offering a 3 Year Warranty for peace of mind, and confidence in shopping with Brite Light LEDs.

Key Features:

  • Low Power Consumption - Eco-Friendly & Effective Cost Management
  • Does Not Emit UV Rays - Protects Aspects Which Could Be Affected By UV Rays
  • Wide Range Of Product Uses
  • Intelligently Designed & Developed
  • Manufactured With Latest BridgeLux LED Chip Technology
  • Durable - Shock Resistant & High Vibration Resistant
  • Great Longevity - Operates At A Cool Temperature & Doesn't Burn Out
  • No Mercury Gas - Ideal For Food Envrionments
  • Instant Illumination - Unlike Standard Energy Saving Lighting
  • Consistent Maximum Performance
  • Maintenance Free - Important Metric For Economic Operation


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Wattage Equivalent To Power Consumption LED/Chip Type Light Output Voltage Approved By Approx Life-Span Warranty
35 250W 35 Watts Bridgelux 2700-3000 Lumens 100 - 240V AC CE, RoHS 50,000+ Hours 3 Years
55 400W 55 Watts Bridgelux 4500-5000 Lumens 100 - 240V AC CE, RoHS 50,000+ Hours 3 Years
85 750W 85 Watts Bridgelux 8000-9000 Lumens 100 - 240V AC CE, RoHS 50,000+ Hours 3 Years
120 900W 120 Watts Bridgelux 10000-11000 Lumens 100 - 240V AC CE, RoHS 50,000+ Hours 3 Years
160 1150W 160 Watts Bridgelux 13000-14000 Lumens 100 - 240V AC CE, RoHS 50,000+ Hours 3 Years
200 1400W 200 Watts Bridgelux 16000-17000 Lumens 100 - 240V AC CE, RoHS 50,000+ Hours 3 Years


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